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Wood Species for stair parts and decorative wood moulding                                           


Menuiserox is a wooden staircase manufacturer that builds all staircase components. All stair parts are available in all wood species.


According to your needs and decor, you can select the type of wood you like to create a beautiful and everlasting wooden staircase that will become the centerpiece of your home.

Here is a list of the wood species in which Menuiserox manufactures all wood staircase components and decorative wood moldings. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are looking for a particular wood species.





Red Oak
The Red Oak is native to North America. The Northern Red Oak can grow up to 90 feet tall. It grows in the northeast of the United States and the southeast of Canada. It is a fast growing and resilient tree. One of the most important timber trees in North America, the wood of the northern red oak is highly prized.


Oak possesses properties which are ideal for use in staircases, flooring and furniture. Oak wood is hard, heavy and strong; available in shades of light golden to reddish-brown colours. One of the most popular flooring and stair tread choices with its unique wide grain patterns, red oak is a dense, shock and wear-resistant wood.






Maple wood

With over 100 individual species of Maple trees throughout the world, Maple trees vary from the very dense sugar maple to relatively soft varieties of soft maples. The Sugar maple is the most common hard maple in North America. Sugar maple wood, often referred to a "hard maple", is the wood of choice for stair treads, handrails, mouldings, furniture and cutting boards.


Soft and hard maples are comparable in appearance and are difficult to tell apart. Generally, hard maple wood is straight-grained, although it can also be curly-grained. Hard maple ranges in colour from off-white with a red-tinge to dark to light brownish-red. Soft maple wood is typically straight-grained and its colouring varies from a whitish-gray to light to dark brownish-red.


Hard maple wood is strong and heavy with a high resistance to wear and abrasion. Soft maple wood is softer and exhibits less shock resistance and stiffness than hard maple. Maple timber is valued for its strength and durability.




Yellow Birch
The Yellow Birch grows in Canada and in the northeastern United States, but is also found in many countries throughout the world. This tree is very flexible and its wood is heavy and coveted for its resistance to shock. As per its name, Yellow birch wood is generally creamy to yellow to golden brown in colour. This hardwood stains and finishes easily compared to other hardwoods. With its rippled or curved grain, this strong and hardwearing wood makes wonderful flooring and stair treads.




Beech (steamed)

Popular as an ornamental tree because of its color and shape, beech is a hardwood that is native to Canada and the United States. Beech wood generally has a straight grain, but may also display an interlocking grain. Beech wood is generally reddish brown. With its fine, even texture, its strength and heaviness, beech wood is ideal for use in furniture making and staircase components. Steaming beech wood results in a more permeable and soft wood that is uniform in colour and easier to work with.




Cherry (steamed)
The American Black cherry tree is harvested in North America. This fine-grained hardwood possesses many characteristics making it a perfect choice for use in quality staircases, furniture and cabinets. Easy to work with, cherry wood also offers a beautiful finish and long-term stability. Its beautiful reddish grain pattern finishes beautifully and, over time, will deepen to a deep rust-colour. Steamed cherry bears an even reddish brown colouring.



Brazilian cherry

Jatoba (or Brazilian cherry)

Found in mainly in South America, the Jatoba tree, also known as the Brazilian Cherry tree is a dense hardwood. Generally a deep burgundy colour, its palette ranges from orange hues to dark browns. A popular choice for flooring due to its hardness and density, Brazilian cherry wood is widely used for stairs, handrails and stair stringers.






There are 20 known species of walnut trees growing on four continents, namely: North and South America, Europe and Asia. Walnut trees range in height from 80 to 100 feet and can have a trunk diameter of 3 feet.


The color of walnut ranges from creamy white to a dark chocolate colour. Walnut is the only dark North American wood. Walnut wood is easy to work with and combined with its colour varieties, its hardness and grain, walnut is a prized staircase, furniture and carving wood.


The common walnut and the black walnut are important for their attractive timber, which is hard, dense, tight-grained and sands to a very smooth finish.




White Ash

White ash, also known as the American Biltmore and Cane Ash, grows quickly and under variable conditions. Found throughout the eastern United States and Canada, there are approximately 20 species of ash trees in North America. Ash trees range in height from 50 to 80 feet. A hardwood with a rather straight grain, the white ash is strong yet flexible enough to be shaped and bent without breaking. Frequently used to manufacture hockey sticks, white ash is used in furniture, flooring and staircase components such as stair treads, stringers, handrails and stair balusters.


Oak (white)


White Oak
One of the most important timber species in North America, the White oak grows across the northeastern United States. Although white oaks have grown to 150 feet, the majority of the trees of this species average between 80 to 100 feet high. A harder wood than red oak, white oak offers a subtle, fine grain and warm golden brown colourings. White oak is a very durable and solid wood making it a wonderful choice for those high traffic areas in the home such as stair treads, risers and foyers.




Yellow Poplar

Also known as the tulip tree, tulip poplar or whitewood, the Yellow poplar is part of the magnolia family. Found mainly in the eastern and northeastern United States and in Canada, the yellow poplar is a fast growing tree that averages 70 to 90 feet in height but can reach as high as 120 feet. Poplar wood is pliable and frequently used for building furniture, staircase components and cabinets.

Whether you are looking for oak stair treads and risers, wood stair newels, stair stringers or wood moldings, contact us, at Menusierox we will custom manufacture the wooden staircase components that you are looking for in the wood species of your choice.




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